Get to know our iconic and 

well-loved brands.

Lucky Me!

The iconic noodle brand perhaps every Filipino grew up with, keeps coming back to, and has fond memories of sharing with family and friends.


The undisputed no. 1 cracker brand in the Philippines that known and loved by Filipinos for its Classic Lutong Linamnam.


Fita’s perfectly-balanced tamis-alat sarap is a unique and tasty blend you’ll keep coming back to!

M.Y. San Grahams

High quality and very versatile — it’s the gold standard for your Mango Float dessert and more!


A brand dedicated to helping you make and create an inspiring range of irresistibly tasty meals. Built on our belief in Sustainable Nutrition and a vision to make food that’s better for us and better for the planet.


Mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan food everyone can enjoy – including our famous tofu, falafel and sausages.


Bringing the delight of bakeshop-quality products led to more innovations. From pastry products to filled sponge cakes; baked bars to bread. Always within reach, always special.


From yummy wafers, bite-sized cookies, to sweet glazed crackers, there is sure to be a Nissin snack to complete every bonding moment of the family!

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