Bringing good food to tables around the world.

We bring good food to tables around the world. For more than 40 years, Monde Nissin has been committed to providing tasty, high-quality food to our customers. Our passion for food is reflected in every product we make, from the first biscuit that came off our production lines in the 1970’s to the wide portfolio of branded food and beverages that we provide today to customers around the world. Our unwavering commitment is reflected in the success of our iconic brands such as Lucky Me! noodles, Skyflakes crackers, Fita crackers, Monde baked goods and Quorn meat-free products.

The definition of “good food” is changing. We recognize the food we produce has significant impacts on the health of our customers and our environment. While great taste is always at the core of our products, we are increasingly focused on delivering the nutritional value and the responsible production of food. It is a responsibility that we take seriously, which is why we aspire to improve the well-being of people and the planet, and create sustainable solutions for food security.

Monde Nissin is committed to using our industry expertise, customer insights and innovative technology to create a future of food that is more tasty, nutritious, and better for the planet

For you and with you.
We create a future of food
where taste, health and the
planet are all satisfied.

Our Aspiration & Commitments

Monde Nissin is passionate about  using our expertise and technology to  create a future of food where taste, health and the planet are all satisfied.  Simply put, we strive to continuously improve our products to make them more delicious, nutritious, and better for the planet.  This stems directly from our Company Aspiration:

We aspire to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet, and create sustainable solutions for food security.

Guiding our efforts to achieve this bright future of food are three Commitments.  

We commit to Continuous Learning with a Growth Mindset – We understand that change will be exponential; we embrace it and believe in the potential to improve and grow our capabilities. We work hard and learn from mistakes.

We commit to Collaboration with Empathy –  We value diversity, listen to others’ ideas, share our struggles with transparency, make hard decisions with empathy, and work together to accomplish common goals.

We commit to demonstrate Care with Action – We go the extra miles to demonstrate our care and concern about the wellbeing of our people, our company and our society.

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