Monde Nissin aims to build long-standing and trusted relationships with its stakeholders, as we execute our growth strategy to create lasting value for our customers, company and shareholders. We are committed to transparent communications to provide investors and other stakeholders with the relevant information they need to make their investment decisions and track our operational and financial performance.  We will strictly comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, including those set forth by the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange.

We aim to communicate effectively with our shareholders and stakeholders through the following: 

  • Corporate Disclosures
  • Press Releases
  • Annual Stockholders Meeting
  • Quarterly Results Briefings
  • Conference and Non-deal Roadshows
  • Corporate Website

Upcoming Events

Q1 2024 Earnings Call
May 8, 2024

Latest Events

FY 2023 Earnings Briefing
Apr 11, 2024
Apr 11, 2024
9M 2023 Earnings Call
Nov 8, 2023

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