Code of Conduct and Ethics


Monde Nissin Corporation (“MNC”) believes that integrity and good governance are indispensable aspects of a sustainable business. MNC adopts this current iteration of its Code of Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Conduct”) as an affirmation of its commitment to doing business with the highest ethical standards. It is MNC’s aspiration that all stakeholders of MNC will adhere to the standards and principles articulated in this Code of Conduct.

The standards and principles in this Code of Conduct shall guide and define the motivation and decisions of the Board of Directors, the Corporate Officers, and Employees (collectively, “Employees”) of MNC, and that of MNC’s subsidiaries and affiliates (“MNC Group”). All Employees are bound by this Code of Conduct, and commit to adhere to it at all times.

General Principle:

Good ethics means good business

MNC expects the highest professional standards from its Employees. We have built our reputation on unquestionable ethical behaviour and consider this a key contributor to our success. The trust and respect among all stakeholders – shareholders, government regulators, fellow workers, customers, suppliers, competitors, and the general public – are valuable assets that cannot be purchased or appropriated, but must be earned. Once earned, trust and respect become the cornerstone of continuing and sustainable relationships and will preserve MNC’s reputation for integrity. Thus, each Employee’s earnest compliance with this Code of Conduct, along with the other policies of MNC, will contribute positively to the good corporate governance and enduring sustainability of the MNC Group as a whole.

The standards and principles in this Code of Conduct apply not only to an Employee’s dealings and interactions within MNC, but to all dealings externally on behalf of the MNC Group.

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