Board Diversity Policy

Monde Nissin Corporation’s (“MNC’s”) Board comprises individuals of diverse age, nationality, religion, and gender, and spans a broad range of business and educational backgrounds. MNC recognizes that diversity enables the Board to be agile and creative when addressing challenges, and affords it wider breadth and greater depth in seeking opportunities and addressing business risks. The diversity of MNC’s Board puts it in the best position to provide meaningful value to MNC and its shareholders consistent with MNC’s core aspiration to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet, and create sustainable solutions for food security.

MNC’s Board diversity policy is embodied in Article I, Section 10 of MNC’s Manual on Corporate Governance:

Board Diversity. – The membership of the Board shall be diverse in order to avoid groupthink and to ensure that optimal decision-making is achieved. Board diversity includes diversity in business experience, gender, age, ethnicity, skills, competence, and knowledge. The Board shall, as much as possible, have a membership comprising of at least 30% female Directors, or at least three (3) female Directors, whichever figure is lower, at any given time.

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